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Product-Led Summit New York 2023 Pricing, Reviews, Agenda & More

The Product-Led Summit New York is an event designed to help professionals in the field of product development and management take their careers to new heights. The summit will take place over two days and will feature a jam-packed program of content and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to gather strategic knowledge and actionable insights that will enable them to supercharge their product growth and increase adoption. The summit will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and various presentations from industry leaders and experts in the field of product management and growth. The conference will cover a range of topics, such as product strategy, user research, product marketing, product-led growth, and more. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field and gain valuable insights from their peers. Overall, the Product-Led Summit New York is an excellent opportunity for professionals in the product development and management field to gain the knowledge and skills needed to supercharge their product growth and increase adoption in a dynamic and inspiring environment in the heart of New York City.

About this event

Start date: 

March 15, 2023

End date: 

2023-03-16 00:00:00



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Who Should Attend: 

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Featured Session: 

product-led growth

Featured Speaker: 

Nicole Castillo VP of Product Lisa Kamm SVP of Product

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