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For the first time, we meet in person in Berlin on April 14 and expand our learnings on April 17 remote day. Meet industry top engineers, open-source authors, and contributors. Learn about cutting-edge technology. Get better as a backend and full stack engineer, get inspired, and meet new friends and new opportunities. In addition to the conference be ready for additional side activities: hands-on workshops, pre and after-parties, retro gaming museum tours, and much more.

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Apr 14 & 17, 2023

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Apr 14 & 17, 2023



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Ryan Dahl, Matteo Collina, James M Snell, Jarred Sumner, Lizz Parody, Luca Mezzalira, Erick Wendel, Boris Tane, Vladimir de Turckheim, Colin Ihrig, Alex Ruheni, Anna Henningsen, Alexander Johansson, Matt Alonso, Evgeny Poberezkin, Alina Dima, Darcy Clarke, etc

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